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Business Assistant

The position will be casual 12 to 16 hours per week for 45 weeks of the year.


Completes payments in Bitcoins and controls expenses by receiving, processing, verifying, and buying Bitcoins.

Why Bitcoins?

First of all, because we are the IT company. So, we believe, that IT-based payment system should be preferred.

Nowadays, since Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are taking over the world-we are moving to the completely new world of tomorrow which is promised to bring us much more than we ever expected to have.

For our company Bitcoin is the most convenient way to handle our work in very fast and comfortable way. We have always used all sorts of electronic currencies in order to purchase IT services such as hosting etc. But we had been doing so for very long time before Bitcoin emerged among them. Then mingled with them and finally took over. ALL the problems we came across with electronic currencies in the past had suddenly died when Bitcoin came into the light. It made our work much easier than it used to be. Before it was taking a lot of time to complete the purchase online using electronic currencies and all of sudden ... one click and it is done!

That’s why all of our employees are required to have a Bitcoin balance that will be used in purchasing various IT services such as domains, hostings and so on and so forth.

So, your main task is to buy Bitcoins and send payment for our freelancers (and contractors).

Since buying Bitcoin through regular Banking services takes a long time we will be sending a deposit to your bank account. when you receive the funds, you have to withdraw the money from the nearest ATM or from your bank office.

Next, you should go to the nearest Bitcoin ATM and buy Bitcoins using the entire amount. All the instructions on how to do that will be provided by our company.

We also provide you with access to our corporate system, where you can find your related tasks and payments schedule.

This is definitely one of the easiest and well-paid jobs in the world! We want to expand our territories and are currently looking for new employees in US and we hope we will enjoy that journey!